Personalized Counseling, One on One Sessions

12 Steps to Developing Healthy Eating Habits
Weight Management Tools for Life - A “Non-Diet” Approach

Children and Teens Weight Program

How to Eat Healthier

  1. Choosing Healthy Foods, Beverages, & Snacks
    Understanding Food Labels
  2. Nutritional Needs for Proper Growth and Development
    Appropriate Food Portions
  3. Individual Meal Plan/ Meal Planning

How to Manage Overeating

  1. Increasing Fruits & Vegetables (recipes & samples included)
    Filling & Energizing Foods
  2. Learn Mindful Eating Technique (helps you to eat less naturally)
  3. Learn Skills to Manage Boredom or Emotional Eating / Food Cravings

How to Eat Out & Add Variety

  1. Eating Out and Social Situations
  2. Adding Variety to Meals & Snacks
  3. Nutritious Desserts (recipes & samples included)

How to Make it Work for You

  1. Staying Motivated and Committed to Your Goals
  2. Identifying Challenges and Problem Solving
  3. Review

How to Increase Physical Activity

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